For publication are accepted articles on scientific research made by students, postgraduates, and young scientists that correspond to the following requirements:
Common requirements:
1.    The number of authors should be limited to 5.
2.    The article should be written in Ukrainian, Russian, English, or German.
3.    The text is limited to 5 pages.
4.    The submitted material should contain:

  • input data (title for the article, full names of the authors, organization, city, e-mail);
  • a short abstract (annotation) written in Russian and English;
  • the main article text divided into sections;
  • results (conclusion);
  • literature cited.

Telephone for enquiries: (062) 304-90-20, (071) 314-85-55;

Article format requirements:

1. The article text should be submitted in one hard copy printed on one side of the sheet of white A4-sized paper, and in an electronic form as a .doc or .rtf file. The last page of the text should be filled completely or almost completely (no more than 2-3 blank lines in the bottom of the page).The file name must match the number of section and the name of the author or first co-author (for example, 5_Ivanov.doc).
2. The text should be typed in the word processor Microsoft Word (2000, XP, 2003) for Windows, Times New Roman font, 12 pt.
3.Input data should be formatted as follows:

  • title of the article – centered, in large bold letters;
  • surnames and initials of authors – under the title of the article, centered, in bold;
  • name of the organization, sub-department under the authors’ names, email;
  • between the title of the article, list of the authors, short abstract, the main part of the article, and literature cited – space 18 pt.

4. The short abstract should be written in Russian and English, be typed in italics, and occupy no more than 10 lines.
5. The article text should be formatted with justification at both margins, single spaced. The top and bottom margins should be 2.5 cm, the right and left – 2 cm. The distance between the header/footer and the top/bottom edges should be 1.5 cm. Indent the first line — 1.25 cm. Pages are not numbered.
6. Equations in the text must be entered using MS Word “Microsoft Equation”. The font size of the equations must match the main text font size.
7. Tables, figures, and their titles should be placed directly in the text. Illustrations should be black and white.
8. Drawings, charts, and other graphics objects should be created in any graphics editor and grouped, but not scanned.
9. Article materials should be formatted in portrait, not landscape orientation.


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